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Cellosaurus Raji (CVCL_0511)

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Cell line name Raji
Synonyms RAJI; P1-Raji; GM04671
Accession CVCL_0511
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: Raji (RRID:CVCL_0511)
Comments Part of: Cancer Dependency Map project (DepMap) (includes Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia - CCLE).
Part of: COSMIC cell lines project.
Part of: ENCODE project common cell types; tier 3.
Part of: LL-100 blood cancer cell line panel.
Part of: MD Anderson Cell Lines Project.
Part of: Naval Biosciences Laboratory (NBL) collection (transferred to ATCC in 1982).
Population: African; Nigerian.
Characteristics: Genetically heterogeneous, consists of 2 subclones (PubMed=27566572).
Virology: Contains 50-60 integrated copies of the EBV genome. One copy is integrated in intron 1 of the BACH2 gene (PubMed=14982850).
Doubling time: 23.2 hours (PubMed=8847894); ~24-36 hours (DSMZ=ACC-319); ~20 hours (HIVReagentProgram=ARP-9944).
Microsatellite instability: Stable (MSS) (PubMed=10739008; PubMed=11226526; Sanger).
Transformant: NCBI_TaxID; 10376; Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
Omics: Deep exome analysis.
Omics: Deep quantitative proteome analysis.
Omics: DNA methylation analysis.
Omics: H3K27ac ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K4me3 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: Protein expression by reverse-phase protein arrays.
Omics: SNP array analysis.
Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
Omics: Transcriptome analysis by RNAseq.
Omics: Virome analysis using RNAseq.
Misspelling: BAJI; Cosmic=998718.
Derived from site: In situ; Bone, jaw, maxilla; UBERON=UBERON_0002397.
Sequence variations
HLA typing Source: PubMed=25960936
Class I
Class II

Source: IPD-IMGT/HLA=11295
Class I
Class II

Source: CLS=300359
Class I
Class II

Source: DSMZCellDive=ACC-319
Class I
Class II
Genome ancestry Source: PubMed=30894373

Origin% genome
Native American0
East Asian, North0.6
East Asian, South0
South Asian0
European, North0
European, South0
Disease EBV-related Burkitt lymphoma (NCIt: C27694)
Burkitt lymphoma (ORDO: Orphanet_543)
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_B7VS (Abcam Raji AATF KO)CVCL_B7VT (Abcam Raji ABCB1 KO)CVCL_D2HQ (Abcam Raji ABI1 KO)
CVCL_D2HR (Abcam Raji ACAA1 KO)CVCL_D2HS (Abcam Raji ACOT13 KO)CVCL_D2HT (Abcam Raji ACTR3 KO)
CVCL_D2HU (Abcam Raji ACVR2B KO)CVCL_D2HV (Abcam Raji ACVRL1 KO)CVCL_D2HW (Abcam Raji ACY1 KO)
CVCL_D2HX (Abcam Raji ADD1 KO)CVCL_B7VU (Abcam Raji AGTR1 KO)CVCL_D2HY (Abcam Raji AHCY KO)
CVCL_B7VV (Abcam Raji AHR KO)CVCL_B7VW (Abcam Raji AIM2 KO)CVCL_D2HZ (Abcam Raji AKR7A2 KO)
CVCL_D2I0 (Abcam Raji ALAD KO)CVCL_B7VX (Abcam Raji ALCAM KO)CVCL_D2I1 (Abcam Raji ALDH1A2 KO)
CVCL_D2I2 (Abcam Raji ALDH4A1 KO)CVCL_D2I3 (Abcam Raji ALDOB KO)CVCL_B7VY (Abcam Raji ALKBH1 KO)
CVCL_D2I5 (Abcam Raji ARSA KO)CVCL_B7W1 (Abcam Raji ASAH1 KO)CVCL_D2I6 (Abcam Raji ASL KO)
CVCL_B7W2 (Abcam Raji ATF5 KO)CVCL_B7W3 (Abcam Raji ATG3 KO)CVCL_B7W4 (Abcam Raji ATG9A KO)
CVCL_D2I7 (Abcam Raji ATXN2 KO)CVCL_B7W5 (Abcam Raji BAK1 KO)CVCL_D2I8 (Abcam Raji BAZ2A KO)
CVCL_D2I9 (Abcam Raji BCAT1 KO)CVCL_D2IA (Abcam Raji BCAT2 KO)CVCL_B7W6 (Abcam Raji BMPR2 KO)
CVCL_B7W7 (Abcam Raji BRD1 KO)CVCL_B7W8 (Abcam Raji BRD2 KO)CVCL_B7W9 (Abcam Raji BRD9 KO)
CVCL_D2IB (Abcam Raji BRMS1 KO)CVCL_B7WA (Abcam Raji BTG1 KO)CVCL_B7WB (Abcam Raji BTK KO)
CVCL_D2IC (Abcam Raji BTLA KO)CVCL_B7WC (Abcam Raji BTRC KO)CVCL_B7WD (Abcam Raji C3 KO)
CVCL_D2ID (Abcam Raji CA8 KO)CVCL_D2IE (Abcam Raji CALU KO)CVCL_D2IF (Abcam Raji CAMK4 KO)
CVCL_D2IG (Abcam Raji CASP2 KO)CVCL_B7WE (Abcam Raji CASP3 KO)CVCL_D2IH (Abcam Raji CBLC KO)
CVCL_B7WG (Abcam Raji CCL22 KO)CVCL_B7WF (Abcam Raji CCRL2 KO)CVCL_D2II (Abcam Raji CCS KO)
CVCL_B1BK (Abcam Raji CD27 KO)CVCL_B7WH (Abcam Raji CD36 KO)CVCL_B7WI (Abcam Raji CD48 KO)
CVCL_B7WJ (Abcam Raji CD58 KO)CVCL_B7WK (Abcam Raji CD59 KO)CVCL_B1BL (Abcam Raji CD74 KO 1)
CVCL_B1BM (Abcam Raji CD74 KO 2)CVCL_B8AM (Abcam Raji CD79A KO)CVCL_B1BN (Abcam Raji CD80 KO)
CVCL_B7WL (Abcam Raji CD81 KO)CVCL_B7WM (Abcam Raji CD83 KO)CVCL_B1BP (Abcam Raji CD86 KO)
CVCL_D2IJ (Abcam Raji CHP1 KO)CVCL_B7WN (Abcam Raji CITED2 KO)CVCL_D2IK (Abcam Raji CLASP1 KO)
CVCL_D2IL (Abcam Raji CLPP KO)CVCL_B7WP (Abcam Raji CLU KO)CVCL_D2IM (Abcam Raji CMAS KO)
CVCL_B7WQ (Abcam Raji CMKLR1 KO)CVCL_B7WR (Abcam Raji CMTM6 KO)CVCL_D2IN (Abcam Raji CNDP2 KO)
CVCL_B7WS (Abcam Raji CNR2 KO)CVCL_D2IP (Abcam Raji CRYZ KO)CVCL_B7WT (Abcam Raji CST3 KO)
CVCL_B7WU (Abcam Raji CTSB KO)CVCL_B7WV (Abcam Raji CUL2 KO)CVCL_B7WW (Abcam Raji CUL3 KO)
CVCL_B7WX (Abcam Raji CUL4B KO)CVCL_B1BQ (Abcam Raji CXCR5 KO)CVCL_B7WY (Abcam Raji CXXC1 KO)
CVCL_D2IQ (Abcam Raji CYB5A KO)CVCL_D2IR (Abcam Raji CYB5R3 KO)CVCL_B7WZ (Abcam Raji DCP2 KO)
CVCL_D2IS (Abcam Raji DFFB KO)CVCL_D2IT (Abcam Raji DGAT1 KO)CVCL_D2IU (Abcam Raji DGKA KO)
CVCL_B7X0 (Abcam Raji DLL1 KO)CVCL_D2IV (Abcam Raji DNPEP KO)CVCL_D2IW (Abcam Raji DNTT KO)
CVCL_D2IX (Abcam Raji DPP8 KO)CVCL_B7X1 (Abcam Raji DVL3 KO)CVCL_B7X2 (Abcam Raji EGLN1 KO)
CVCL_B7X3 (Abcam Raji EHMT2 KO)CVCL_B7X4 (Abcam Raji EIF2AK4 KO)CVCL_B7X5 (Abcam Raji EPHB4 KO)
CVCL_D2IY (Abcam Raji EPHX1 KO)CVCL_D2IZ (Abcam Raji EPHX2 KO)CVCL_D2J0 (Abcam Raji EPN1 KO)
CVCL_B7X6 (Abcam Raji ERAP1 KO)CVCL_B7X7 (Abcam Raji ETS2 KO)CVCL_D2J1 (Abcam Raji ETV4 KO)
CVCL_B7X8 (Abcam Raji EXO1 KO)CVCL_B7X9 (Abcam Raji FABP4 KO)CVCL_D2J2 (Abcam Raji FDX1 KO)
CVCL_D2J3 (Abcam Raji FECH KO)CVCL_B7XA (Abcam Raji FKBP5 KO)CVCL_D2J4 (Abcam Raji FOLR2 KO)
CVCL_D2J5 (Abcam Raji FOSB KO)CVCL_B7XB (Abcam Raji FOXO1 KO)CVCL_B7XC (Abcam Raji FOXO3 KO)
CVCL_D2J6 (Abcam Raji FPGS KO)CVCL_D2J7 (Abcam Raji FRK KO)CVCL_B7XD (Abcam Raji FST KO)
CVCL_B7XE (Abcam Raji FTL KO)CVCL_D2J8 (Abcam Raji FUBP1 KO)CVCL_B7XF (Abcam Raji FZD7 KO)
CVCL_B7XG (Abcam Raji GAB1 KO)CVCL_D2J9 (Abcam Raji GAMT KO)CVCL_D2JA (Abcam Raji GANAB KO)
CVCL_D2JB (Abcam Raji GART KO)CVCL_D2JC (Abcam Raji GCDH KO)CVCL_D2JD (Abcam Raji GGH KO)
CVCL_B7XH (Abcam Raji GLB1 KO)CVCL_D2JE (Abcam Raji GLG1 KO)CVCL_D2JF (Abcam Raji GLUL KO)
CVCL_D2JG (Abcam Raji GNE KO)CVCL_B7XI (Abcam Raji GPR132 KO)CVCL_D2JH (Abcam Raji GRK3 KO)
CVCL_D2JI (Abcam Raji GRK6 KO)CVCL_D2JJ (Abcam Raji GUSB KO)CVCL_B7XJ (Abcam Raji GZMA KO)
CVCL_D2JK (Abcam Raji HDAC10 KO)CVCL_D2JL (Abcam Raji HDGF KO)CVCL_D2JM (Abcam Raji HEXA KO)
CVCL_D2JN (Abcam Raji HIF1AN KO)CVCL_B7XK (Abcam Raji HLA-B KO)CVCL_D2JP (Abcam Raji HMBS KO)
CVCL_D2JQ (Abcam Raji HMGCS2 KO)CVCL_D2JR (Abcam Raji HMOX2 KO)CVCL_B7XL (Abcam Raji HNF1B KO)
CVCL_D2JS (Abcam Raji HSD17B10 KO)CVCL_D2JT (Abcam Raji HSD17B4 KO)CVCL_D2JU (Abcam Raji HSPA13 KO)
CVCL_D2JV (Abcam Raji HSPA1L KO)CVCL_D2JW (Abcam Raji HSPA2 KO)CVCL_D2JX (Abcam Raji HSPA4 KO)
CVCL_B7XM (Abcam Raji HSPG2 KO)CVCL_D2JY (Abcam Raji HSPH1 KO)CVCL_B7XN (Abcam Raji ID2 KO)
CVCL_D2JZ (Abcam Raji IKZF3 KO)CVCL_D2K0 (Abcam Raji IL13RA1 KO)CVCL_B7XP (Abcam Raji IL17RB KO)
CVCL_D2K1 (Abcam Raji IL2RG KO)CVCL_D2K2 (Abcam Raji IMPDH1 KO)CVCL_D2K3 (Abcam Raji ITGA4 KO)
CVCL_B7XQ (Abcam Raji ITPR3 KO)CVCL_B7XR (Abcam Raji JAG1 KO)CVCL_B7XS (Abcam Raji JMJD6 KO)
CVCL_B7XT (Abcam Raji KAT7 KO)CVCL_B7XU (Abcam Raji KDM1B KO)CVCL_B7XV (Abcam Raji KDM6B KO)
CVCL_B7XW (Abcam Raji KPNA2 KO)CVCL_B7XX (Abcam Raji LAIR1 KO)CVCL_B7XY (Abcam Raji LAMP2 KO)
CVCL_B7XZ (Abcam Raji LDHA KO)CVCL_D2K4 (Abcam Raji LGALS8 KO)CVCL_B7Y0 (Abcam Raji LGR6 KO)
CVCL_D2K5 (Abcam Raji LIAS KO)CVCL_B7Y1 (Abcam Raji LMNB1 KO)CVCL_D2K6 (Abcam Raji LPXN KO)
CVCL_B7Y2 (Abcam Raji MACROH2A1 KO)CVCL_D2K7 (Abcam Raji MAEA KO)CVCL_B7Y3 (Abcam Raji MAGEA3 KO)
CVCL_B7Y4 (Abcam Raji MAP2K3 KO)CVCL_B7Y5 (Abcam Raji MAP3K3 KO)CVCL_D2K8 (Abcam Raji MAP3K4 KO)
CVCL_D2K9 (Abcam Raji MAP4K1 KO)CVCL_D2KA (Abcam Raji MAP4K4 KO)CVCL_B7Y6 (Abcam Raji MAPK7 KO)
CVCL_D2KB (Abcam Raji MARK3 KO)CVCL_D2KC (Abcam Raji MAT1A KO)CVCL_B7Y7 (Abcam Raji MBD1 KO)
CVCL_B7Y8 (Abcam Raji MBD3 KO)CVCL_D2KD (Abcam Raji ME2 KO)CVCL_D2KE (Abcam Raji MMACHC KO)
CVCL_B7Y9 (Abcam Raji MME KO)CVCL_B7YA (Abcam Raji MMP13 KO)CVCL_B7YB (Abcam Raji MMP8 KO)
CVCL_D2KF (Abcam Raji MPG KO)CVCL_B7YC (Abcam Raji MS4A1 KO)CVCL_B7YD (Abcam Raji MTA3 KO)
CVCL_D2KG (Abcam Raji MTHFR KO)CVCL_D2KH (Abcam Raji NAPRT KO)CVCL_D2KI (Abcam Raji NAT1 KO)
CVCL_B7YE (Abcam Raji NBR1 KO)CVCL_D2KJ (Abcam Raji NCOA5 KO)CVCL_B7YF (Abcam Raji NCR3LG1 KO)
CVCL_D2KK (Abcam Raji NDUFA12 KO)CVCL_D2KL (Abcam Raji NDUFAF2 KO)CVCL_D2KM (Abcam Raji NDUFB6 KO)
CVCL_D2KN (Abcam Raji NDUFB8 KO)CVCL_D2KP (Abcam Raji NDUFS1 KO)CVCL_D2KQ (Abcam Raji NDUFS2 KO)
CVCL_D2KU (Abcam Raji NMT1 KO)CVCL_D2KV (Abcam Raji NMT2 KO)CVCL_D2KW (Abcam Raji NOD2 KO)
CVCL_B7YJ (Abcam Raji NOTCH3 KO)CVCL_B7YK (Abcam Raji NOTCH4 KO)CVCL_D2KX (Abcam Raji NOX5 KO)
CVCL_D2KY (Abcam Raji NPEPPS KO)CVCL_D2KZ (Abcam Raji NQO2 KO)CVCL_B7YL (Abcam Raji NR1H4 KO)
CVCL_B7YM (Abcam Raji NR3C2 KO)CVCL_D2L0 (Abcam Raji NUCB2 KO)CVCL_D2L1 (Abcam Raji OAT KO)
CVCL_D2L2 (Abcam Raji OXSR1 KO)CVCL_D2L3 (Abcam Raji P3H1 KO)CVCL_D2L4 (Abcam Raji PADI2 KO)
CVCL_D2L5 (Abcam Raji PAICS KO)CVCL_D2L6 (Abcam Raji PCMT1 KO)CVCL_D2L7 (Abcam Raji PCYT2 KO)
CVCL_B7YN (Abcam Raji PDCD1LG2 KO)CVCL_D2L8 (Abcam Raji PDHB KO)CVCL_D2L9 (Abcam Raji PDHX KO)
CVCL_D2LA (Abcam Raji PEF1 KO)CVCL_D2LB (Abcam Raji PGAM1 KO)CVCL_D2LC (Abcam Raji PGRMC1 KO)
CVCL_B7YP (Abcam Raji PHF8 KO)CVCL_D2LD (Abcam Raji PI4KB KO)CVCL_B7YQ (Abcam Raji PIK3CA KO)
CVCL_B7YR (Abcam Raji PIK3CD KO)CVCL_B7YS (Abcam Raji PIK3R4 KO)CVCL_D2LE (Abcam Raji PIM2 KO)
CVCL_D2LF (Abcam Raji PKLR KO)CVCL_B7YT (Abcam Raji PLA2G4A KO)CVCL_B7YU (Abcam Raji PLCB3 KO)
CVCL_B7YV (Abcam Raji PLCG1 KO)CVCL_D2LG (Abcam Raji PLIN3 KO)CVCL_D2LH (Abcam Raji PMVK KO)
CVCL_D2LI (Abcam Raji PNMT KO)CVCL_D2LJ (Abcam Raji POLH KO)CVCL_D2LK (Abcam Raji PPOX KO)
CVCL_D2LL (Abcam Raji PPP2CB KO)CVCL_D2LM (Abcam Raji PRG2 KO)CVCL_D2LN (Abcam Raji PRKAB1 KO)
CVCL_D2LS (Abcam Raji PRKD1 KO)CVCL_B7YW (Abcam Raji PRMT7 KO)CVCL_D2LT (Abcam Raji PRSS8 KO)
CVCL_B7YX (Abcam Raji PSEN1 KO)CVCL_D2LU (Abcam Raji PSMF1 KO)CVCL_B7YY (Abcam Raji PTGER4 KO)
CVCL_B7YZ (Abcam Raji PTGES2 KO)CVCL_B7Z0 (Abcam Raji PTK2 KO)CVCL_B7Z1 (Abcam Raji PTP4A3 KO)
CVCL_D2LV (Abcam Raji PTPA KO)CVCL_B7Z2 (Abcam Raji PTPN12 KO)CVCL_B7Z3 (Abcam Raji PUS1 KO)
CVCL_D2LW (Abcam Raji PYCR1 KO)CVCL_D2LX (Abcam Raji QDPR KO)CVCL_B7Z4 (Abcam Raji RAC2 KO)
CVCL_D2LY (Abcam Raji RECQL KO)CVCL_D2LZ (Abcam Raji REEP5 KO)CVCL_B7Z5 (Abcam Raji RING1 KO)
CVCL_B7Z6 (Abcam Raji ROCK2 KO)CVCL_B7Z7 (Abcam Raji ROR2 KO)CVCL_D2M0 (Abcam Raji RPIA KO)
CVCL_D2M1 (Abcam Raji RXRB KO)CVCL_B7Z8 (Abcam Raji RYBP KO)CVCL_B7Z9 (Abcam Raji SCARB1 KO)
CVCL_B7ZA (Abcam Raji SDC4 KO)CVCL_D2M2 (Abcam Raji SELENOP KO)CVCL_D2M3 (Abcam Raji SERPINB9 KO)
CVCL_B7ZB (Abcam Raji SETD2 KO)CVCL_D2M4 (Abcam Raji SLAMF6 KO)CVCL_D2M5 (Abcam Raji SLC25A12 KO)
CVCL_D2M6 (Abcam Raji SLC5A1 KO)CVCL_B7ZC (Abcam Raji SLFN11 KO)CVCL_D2M7 (Abcam Raji SLK KO)
CVCL_D2M8 (Abcam Raji SMS KO)CVCL_B7ZG (Abcam Raji SMURF1 KO)CVCL_B7ZH (Abcam Raji SMYD2 KO)
CVCL_B7ZI (Abcam Raji SMYD3 KO)CVCL_B7ZJ (Abcam Raji SOCS3 KO)CVCL_D2M9 (Abcam Raji SORD KO)
CVCL_D2MA (Abcam Raji SPAG9 KO)CVCL_D2MB (Abcam Raji SPTLC2 KO)CVCL_B7ZK (Abcam Raji SRF KO)
CVCL_B7ZL (Abcam Raji SRPK1 KO)CVCL_D2MC (Abcam Raji SRSF4 KO)CVCL_D2MD (Abcam Raji SSTR2 KO)
CVCL_B7ZM (Abcam Raji STAT4 KO)CVCL_B7ZN (Abcam Raji STAT5A KO)CVCL_D2ME (Abcam Raji STK17B KO)
CVCL_B7ZP (Abcam Raji STK4 KO)CVCL_B7ZQ (Abcam Raji SUV39H1 KO)CVCL_B7ZR (Abcam Raji SUZ12 KO)
CVCL_D2MF (Abcam Raji TACR1 KO)CVCL_B7ZS (Abcam Raji TAPBP KO)CVCL_B7ZT (Abcam Raji TBK1 KO)
CVCL_D2MG (Abcam Raji TBL1XR1 KO)CVCL_B7ZU (Abcam Raji TBP KO)CVCL_B7ZV (Abcam Raji TCF7L2 KO)
CVCL_D2MH (Abcam Raji TDP1 KO)CVCL_D2MI (Abcam Raji TEC KO)CVCL_B7ZW (Abcam Raji TFDP1 KO)
CVCL_D2MJ (Abcam Raji THOP1 KO)CVCL_B7ZX (Abcam Raji TIMP3 KO)CVCL_D2MK (Abcam Raji TLE3 KO)
CVCL_B7ZY (Abcam Raji TLN1 KO)CVCL_B7ZZ (Abcam Raji TNFRSF10B KO)CVCL_B8A0 (Abcam Raji TNFRSF1B KO)
CVCL_D2ML (Abcam Raji TNFSF9 KO)CVCL_B8A1 (Abcam Raji TP73 KO)CVCL_D2MM (Abcam Raji TPD52 KO)
CVCL_D2MN (Abcam Raji TPMT KO)CVCL_D2MP (Abcam Raji TPP1 KO)CVCL_D2MQ (Abcam Raji TPP2 KO)
CVCL_B8A2 (Abcam Raji TRADD KO)CVCL_B8A3 (Abcam Raji TRAF2 KO)CVCL_B8A4 (Abcam Raji TRMT2A KO)
CVCL_D2MR (Abcam Raji TRPC3 KO)CVCL_D2MS (Abcam Raji TRPM2 KO)CVCL_B8A5 (Abcam Raji TWIST1 KO)
CVCL_B8A6 (Abcam Raji TWIST2 KO)CVCL_B8A7 (Abcam Raji U2AF1 KO)CVCL_D2MT (Abcam Raji UAP1 KO)
CVCL_B8A8 (Abcam Raji UBA1 KO)CVCL_B8A9 (Abcam Raji UBE2D2 KO)CVCL_D2MU (Abcam Raji UBE2T KO)
CVCL_D2MV (Abcam Raji UBR1 KO)CVCL_B8AA (Abcam Raji UCHL5 KO)CVCL_B8AB (Abcam Raji ULBP3 KO)
CVCL_D2MW (Abcam Raji UNC119 KO)CVCL_D2MX (Abcam Raji UPP1 KO)CVCL_B8AC (Abcam Raji UVRAG KO)
CVCL_B8AD (Abcam Raji VAV1 KO)CVCL_B8AE (Abcam Raji VCAN KO)CVCL_D2MY (Abcam Raji VDAC2 KO)
CVCL_D2MZ (Abcam Raji VPS37A KO)CVCL_D2N0 (Abcam Raji WAS KO)CVCL_B8AF (Abcam Raji WDR77 KO)
CVCL_B8AG (Abcam Raji WNT11 KO)CVCL_D2N1 (Abcam Raji XPNPEP1 KO)CVCL_B8AH (Abcam Raji YTHDC2 KO)
CVCL_B8AI (Abcam Raji YTHDF1 KO)CVCL_B8AJ (Abcam Raji YTHDF3 KO)CVCL_B8AK (Abcam Raji YY1 KO)
CVCL_3042 (NC-37)CVCL_UJ11 (R/ADR)CVCL_UJ12 (R/VP-16)
CVCL_2699 (RAJI 'A')CVCL_Y035 (Raji 6-TGR)CVCL_C3CD (Raji B2M KO)
CVCL_YN94 (Raji CD19 Knockout)CVCL_2700 (RAJI TK+)CVCL_2701 (RAJI TK-)
CVCL_A7ZV (Raji-h4-1BB)CVCL_A7ZW (Raji-hCTLA4)CVCL_A7ZX (Raji-hEGFR)
CVCL_A8AC (Raji-hOX40)CVCL_A8AD (Raji-hPD-1)CVCL_A8AE (Raji-hPD-L1)
CVCL_A8AB (Raji-Null)CVCL_VL72 (Raji(A44))CVCL_LK62 (Raji-GFP)
CVCL_DD98 (Raji-TG)CVCL_KU31 (Raji/18V)CVCL_C0HU (Raji/A)
CVCL_0R22 (Raji/DC-SIGN)CVCL_D2QP (RCC-1)CVCL_3414 (Rj2.2.5)
CVCL_ZI13 (RUD)CVCL_C5DL (sfRaji)CVCL_8431 (TDL-4)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling 11Y
Category Cancer cell line
STR profile Source(s): AddexBio; ATCC; CCRID; CLS; Cosmic-CLP; DSMZ; ECACC; Genomics_Center_BCF_Technion; JCRB; PubMed=11416159; PubMed=25877200; RCB; TKG

D2S133822 (CCRID; Genomics_Center_BCF_Technion)
21,22 (DSMZ)
D19S43314,14.2 (CCRID; Genomics_Center_BCF_Technion)
14,15 (DSMZ)
Penta D3.2,9 (CLS; Genomics_Center_BCF_Technion; PubMed=25877200)
3.2,9,10 (DSMZ)
Penta E5,13

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Web pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raji_cell

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