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Cellosaurus UROtsa (CVCL_0571)

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Cell line name UROtsa
Accession CVCL_0571
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: UROtsa (RRID:CVCL_0571)
Comments Problematic cell line: Partially contaminated. Some stocks of UROTsa are contaminated with T24 (PubMed=23691160). However it must be noted that the stocks from the laboratory distributing/curating this cell line are not contaminated; therefore the contamination event has probably occurred through secondary sources after UROtsa was given to other investigators (PubMed=26783756).
Part of: ENCODE project common cell types; tier 3.
Registration: International Cell Line Authentication Committee, Register of Misidentified Cell Lines; ICLAC-00484.
Doubling time: 29.7 hours (PubMed=8788275); 33.2 +- 0.8 hours (PubMed=19921857; PubMed=20186695).
Transformant: NCBI_TaxID; 1891767; Simian virus 40 (SV40).
Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
Derived from site: In situ; Urinary bladder, urothelium; UBERON=UBERON_0004645.
Cell type: Urothelial cell; CL=CL_0000731.
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_IX03 (UROtsa Cd#1)CVCL_IX04 (UROtsa Cd#2)CVCL_IX05 (UROtsa Cd#3)
CVCL_IX06 (UROtsa Cd#4)CVCL_IX07 (UROtsa Cd#5)CVCL_IX08 (UROtsa Cd#6)
CVCL_IX09 (UROtsa Cd#7)
Sex of cell Female
Age at sampling 12Y
Category Transformed cell line
STR profile Source(s): PubMed=23691160; PubMed=26783756

Penta D11,12
Penta E11,17

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Web pages https://iclac.org/wp-content/uploads/Cross-Contaminations_v12_distribution.xlsx

PubMed=8788275; DOI=10.1007/BF00698738
Petzoldt J.L., Leigh I.M., Duffy P.G., Sexton C.J., Masters J.R.W.
Immortalisation of human urothelial cells.
Urol. Res. 23:377-380(1995)

PubMed=11564615; DOI=10.1289/ehp.01109801
Rossi M.R., Masters J.R.W., Park S., Todd J.H., Garrett S.H., Sens M.A., Somji S., Nath J., Sens D.A.
The immortalized UROtsa cell line as a potential cell culture model of human urothelium.
Environ. Health Perspect. 109:801-808(2001)

PubMed=19921857; DOI=10.1021/tx900346q
Somji S., Zhou X.-D., Mehus A., Sens M.A., Garrett S.H., Lutz K.L., Dunlevy J.R., Zheng Y., Sens D.A.
Variation of keratin 7 expression and other phenotypic characteristics of independent isolates of cadmium transformed human urothelial cells (UROtsa).
Chem. Res. Toxicol. 23:348-356(2010)

PubMed=20186695; DOI=10.1002/jat.1513
Cao L., Zhou X.-D., Sens M.A., Garrett S.H., Zheng Y., Dunlevy J.R., Sens D.A., Somji S.
Keratin 6 expression correlates to areas of squamous differentiation in multiple independent isolates of As(+3)-induced bladder cancer.
J. Appl. Toxicol. 30:416-430(2010)

PubMed=23691160; DOI=10.1371/journal.pone.0064139
Johnen G., Rozynek P., von der Gathen Y., Bryk O., Zdrenka R., Johannes C., Weber D.G., Igwilo-Okuefuna O., Raiko I., Hippler J., Bruning T., Dopp E.
Cross-contamination of a UROtsa stock with T24 cells -- molecular comparison of different cell lines and stocks.
PLoS ONE 8:E64139-E64139(2013)

PubMed=26783756; DOI=10.1371/journal.pone.0147362
Slusser-Nore A., Larson-Casey J.L., Zhang R.-W., Zhou X.-D., Somji S., Garrett S.H., Sens D.A., Dunlevy J.R.
SPARC expression is selectively suppressed in tumor initiating urospheres isolated from As+3- and Cd+2-transformed human urothelial cells (UROtsa) stably transfected with SPARC.
PLoS ONE 11:E0147362-E0147362(2016)

PubMed=30550540; DOI=10.1371/journal.pone.0207877
Hoggarth Z.E., Osowski D.B., Freeberg B.A., Garrett S.H., Sens D.A., Sens M.A., Zhou X.-D., Zhang K.K., Somji S.
The urothelial cell line UROtsa transformed by arsenite and cadmium display basal characteristics associated with muscle invasive urothelial cancers.
PLoS ONE 13:E0207877-E0207877(2018)

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