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VACO429   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_5401]

Colon Cancer Cell Line


A near-tetraploid line with little change from normal tetraploid. Of interest because it is one of the two lines described by Cahill et al as having a mutation in Bub1 (see colon carcinoma page). From James Willson

Notable Features

Close to tetraploid karyotype. In around 20% of cells the only structural abnormality was two copies of a reciprocal translocation t(1;6). Other metaphases showed in addition either two copies of a reciprocal translocation t(12;19) or an additional rearrangement between both homologues of chromosome 1 . There were only two numerical changes present in the majority of metaphases, loss of one copy of chromosome 4 and gain of one copy each of 5 and 11. The original line appears therefore to have been diploid with a single structural abnormality—a reciprocal translocation t(1;6), after which endoreduplication to tetraploidy occurred, then three numerical changes.

In spite of the BUB1 mutation there is no evidence for chromosomal instability in this line (Grigorova et al, 2004; ref on main page)

Representative SKY Karyotype

85 (85–92) Clone 1: XXYY, t(1;6)bx2, -4, +5, -11, [20%]c/ Clone 2: idem + dic(1;1), ace(1) [40%]c/ Clone 3: 85 (85–92) XXYY, t(1;6)bx2, -11, t(12;19)bx2 [40%]c.

b Apparently reciprocal translocations, both products present, confirmed by 2-colour FISH.

c The proportion of metaphases showing the additional changes was deduced from two-colour FISH experiments, counting >20 metaphases.


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