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VACO400   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_5400]

Colon Cancer Cell Line


A near-tetraploid line with little change from normal tetraploid. Of interest because it is one of the two lines described by Cahill et al as having a mutation in Bub1 (see colon carcinoma page). From James Willson

Notable Features

Close to tetraploid karyotype, with a modal chromosome number of 86 (range 80 – 90). There were three translocated chromosomes: der(4)t(4;11), der(13)t(11;13), and der (14)t(13;14). Since these translocations were present in one copy per cell, the line presumably became tetraploid and later acquired the structural abnormalities. There were few numerical changes: after allowing for the chromosomes replaced by translocations, only three of the chromosomes, 15, 16, and 18, showed a modal number of three copies rather than four.

Two of the translocations appeared to be whole-arm translocations. The derivative 13 is a whole-arm translocation of chromosome 13 and 11q. The remaining part of chromosome 11 (p-arm without centromere) has joined to the q-arm of chromosome 4 and could perhaps have been formed in the same process. The der(14) is a Robertsonian translocation, formed by the fusion within the centromeres of chromosomes 13 and 14, but is a separate event.

Representative SKY Karyotype

86 (80–90) XXYY, der(4)t(4;11), der(13)t(11;13), der(14)t(13;14), -15, -16, -18.



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