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HCT-15   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0292]

Colon Cancer Cell Line


Microsatellite-unstable line, from the same tumour as DLD-1. Shares various mutations with DLD-1, including biallelic CHK2 mutation, but has different karyotype (Chen et al., 1995).

Notable Features

Diploid with three structural abnormalities—an inversion, a deletion and an unbalanced translocation —as previously determined by banding (Chen et al., 1995). Karyotype typical of ‘chromosomally-stable’ cell lines.

Representative SKY Karyotype

Abnormal chromosomes only

only abnormal chromosomes and their normal pair are shown. a, normal 8 and translocated 8, der(8)t(8;17); b, normal and inverted 11; c, normal and deleted 17.


46 (45–47) XY, der(8)t(8;17), inv(11), der(17)del(17)



Colon Cancer Cell Lines