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BT20   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0178]

Breast Cancer Cell Line





Notable Features

Hyperdiploid, highly rearranged, with 30 structural rearrangements, some of them complex, with amplified region of chromosomes 6, 11, 20, most cells have double minutes (DMs), most involving chromosome1, some – chromosome 5. Losses involve chromosomes X, 1p, 8p, 10, 14, 17p; gains involve chromosomes 1q, 2, 7p, 20, 21.



Representative SKY Karyotype





48 (47-50) X, 1x1, der(1-14)(q10;q10), der(1)t(1q;5q;12), 2x1, der(2)t(2;8), der(2)t(X;2)dup(2), der(2)t(2;5)?, 3x1, der(3)del(3), der(3?)t(15;14;6?;3;9), 4x2, der(5)del(5)t(3;5), 6x1, der(6)t(6;7;6)(q23;?;q22-qter)dup(6)(q22-qter), 7x2, der(6-7)t(6;7p), i(7p), 8x1, der(8)t(16/5?;8q;5q), der(9?)t(der(9)t(X;9)?, der(9)t(9;10), der(9)t(5/16)dic(9-9), der(10)del(10)(q11-qter), der(10)t(X;10), der(10?)t(10;20)?, 11x1, der(11)t(5;11q)dup(11)(q14-qter), 12x1, der(12)t(12;2/X;12), 13x1, der(13)t(8;13q); der(14)del(14), 15x1, der(15)t(14;15), 16x1, der(16)t(3;16), 17x1, der(17)del(17)(p11-pter), 18x1, der(18)t(7;18), 19x1, der(19)dic(11;19; 11;1;11;13), 20x1, der(20)t(20;X;10;X;20)dup(20), 21x1, dic(21-21), 22x1, der(22)t(1;22), dmin




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