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Publication number CLPUB00581
Authors Hojo H.
Title Establishment of cultured cell lines of human stomach cancer origin and their morphological characteristics.
Citation Niigata Igakkai Zasshi 91:737-763(1977)
Abstract Gastric cancer is not only the most frequently seen cancer in Japan, but also has a variety of histological features among cancers, so it is of great pathological interest in terms of its origin or cell differentiation. It is a tumor that is leaning against. On the other hand, in recent years, culturing of human cancer cells has been enthusiastically attempted due to various demands, and cultured cell lines are being established for various types of human cancers. 1. However, the number of gastric cancer cell cultures established is extremely small. I tried culturing gastric cancer cells and was able to establish four new subculture strains with different origin histological types. In addition to these, one strain was distributed, and morphological search by light and electron microscopy, xenotransplantation, and induction of cell differentiation by cAMP were performed on each of the five cell lines. In the wood paper, we report mainly on the origin and differentiation of gastric cancer cells, and the relationship between in vitro growth morphology and in vivo histology.
Cell lines CVCL_0371; KATO III
CVCL_1415; MKN1
CVCL_1417; MKN7
CVCL_1416; MKN28
CVCL_0434; MKN45
CVCL_2791; MKN74