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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00542

Publication number CLPUB00542
Authors Miyoshi I., Taguchi H., Kubonishi I., Yoshimoto S., Ohtsuki Y., Shiraishi Y., Akagi T.
Title Type C virus-producing cell lines derived from adult T cell leukemia.
Citation Gann Monogr. Cancer Res. 28:219-228(1982)
Abstract We have established four unique cell lines, MT-1 to MT-4, by co- cultivation of adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) cells and human cord blood lymphocytes. All four cell lines possessed T-cell properties and lacked Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen. Chromosome analysis revealed MT-1 to be of ATL cell origin whereas at least two others, MT-2 and MT-3, were of cord lymphocyte origin. All these cell lines were found to be persistently infected with type C virus particles (ATLV) and positive for ATL- associated antigens (ATLA) which reacted specifically with sera from ATL patients. MT-2 was the highest producer of ATLV and MT-1 the lowest. The three cell lines tested, MT-1 to MT-3, were tumorigenic when transplanted into immunosuppressed newborn hamsters. Only the tumors produced with MT-3 were examined for virus and they were positive for ATLV and ATLA. Lymphoid cell lines with human chromosomes were readily recultured from MT-3- induced tumors.
Cell lines CVCL_M518; MT-1 [Human leukemia]
CVCL_2631; MT-2
CVCL_M517; MT-3 [Human leukocyte]
CVCL_2632; MT-4