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Publication number CLPUB00751
Authors Wang K.-H.
Title A in vitro cell (MGc80-3) of a poorly differentiated mucoid adenocarcinoma of human stomach.
Citation Shi Yan Sheng Wu Xue Bao 16:257-266(1983)
Abstract This work deals with a new cell line (MGc80-3) established from a primary poorly differentiated mucoid adenocarcinoma of human stomach. The tumor cells were derived from the gastric cancer of a patient on March 10,1980, and a new permanent cell line was established after a latent period of 9 months. The cells grew in a monolayered sheet with a population doubling time of about 25 hrs. Under phase contrast microscope, the cells were characterized morphologically as single nucleated epitheloid cells with prominent nucleoli and rather scanty cytoplasm. The nucleoli were very distinct and irregular in shape. All features from our transmission and scanning electron microscopical observations showed that the cells of MGc-80-3 cell line have the characteristics of malignant mucoid gland cells with vigorous metabolism. The features are: high nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio; many prominent evaginations of wrinkled cytoplasmic membrane forming finger-like microvilli; rich cytoplasmic organelles and abundant polyribosome at secretory stage with plenty of mucoid granules located at one end of the cells. This tumor cell line can be transplanted and grown subcutaneously into tumor nodules in cortisone treated irradiated rats. The chromosome make-up of MGc80-3 is hypertriploid with a model number of 75.
Cell lines CVCL_5334; MGC-803