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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00607

Publication number CLPUB00607
Authors Prosser E.S.
Title Studies on the production and application of monoclonal antibodies for the detection and treatment of cancer.
Citation Thesis PhD (1991), Dublin City University, Ireland
Web pages https://doras.dcu.ie/19284/
Abstract Three aspects of the production and applications of monoclonal antibodies (mabs) were investigated. Two new cell lines (C23/11 and HET-37) were produced for use as potential fusion partners in human mab production. C23/11 was established from a blood sample obtained from a patient with myeloma. It was shown to have many of the cellular and antigenic properties associated with a lymphoblastoid cell line. HET-37 is a human/murine heteromyeloma cell line which was established after C23/11 cells were fused with murine NSO cells. Both C23/11 and HET-37 were characterised using electron microscopy, histology, immunophenotyping, isoenzyme analysis and DNA fingerprinting. In the second experimental section, three mab (HMFG-1, AUA-1 and H17E2) were labelled with the radioactive isotope, Indium-III. They were used for localisation of tumour in 21 patients with suspected ovarian carcinoma. (III)In-mab immunoscintigraphy was found to be a more sensitive technique for evaluation ovarian cancer than X-ray, CAT scan and ultrasound. (III)In-mab immunoscintigraphy was particularly useful in localising tumours in patients with serum CA-125 levels greater than 100 IU/ml. F(ab')2 fragments of HMFG-1 were labelled with technetium and were used to determine the distribution of ovarian tumour in a patient with minimal residual disease. In the final experimental section, HMFG-1 was chemically conjugated to the photosensitiser hematoporphyrin, Hp. HMFG-1-Hp was shown to kill antigen-bearing MCF-7 cells in vitro after irradiation. The HMFG-1-Hp conjugate had no effect on EJ-138 cells under identical conditions. The EJ-138 cell line does not express the antigen to which the HMFG-1 antibody binds.
Cell lines CVCL_A5YN; C23/11