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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00601

Publication number CLPUB00601
Authors Fernandez-Puentes C., Novoa B., Figueras-Huerta A.
Title Growth requirements of a new cell line (TV-1) derived from turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.). Measures for success.
Citation Eur. Aquac. Soc. Spec. Publ. 21:264-265(1994)
Web pages https://www.observatorio-acuicultura.es/recursos/bases-de-datos/publicaciones/growth-requirements-new-cell-line-tv-1-derived-turbot
Abstract The availability of fish cell lines is important for the isolation of viruses. Some cell lines from fresh water fishes have been established but very few from marine fishes are available. A new cell line of turbot has been established in our laboratory and one of the sublines (TV-1) has been characterized (chromosome number, enzymatic analysis and growth requirements). Also the growth conditions for fish cell lines have not been extensively studied, we have done some studies: optimum temperature of growth and saline reqprements. But a more detailed study remains to be done. In this communication we study the serum, salt and amino acid requirements of this cell line.
Cell lines CVCL_R817; TV-1