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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00293

Publication number CLPUB00293
Authors Novak V.
Title Interaction between chicken intestinal epithelial cells B1OXI and the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni.
Citation Thesis MSc (2009), University of Maribor, Slovenia
Web pages https://dk.um.si/IzpisGradiva.php?id=10896
Abstract Bacteria Campylobacter jejuni is a major cause of intestinal enteritisov. The method of infection with C.jejuni represents the ingestion of contaminated food, especially poor heat-treated chicken meat, fresh milk and contaminated water. We have studied intracellular survive, adhesion and invasion of bacteria in chicken intestinal cells. The results show, that the highest adhesion and invasion in the chicken intestinal epithelial B1OXI cells of Campylobacter are after 10 hours of infection. In PSI pig cells, has C.jejuni the highest adhesion and invasion at the short-term exposure to atmospheric concentrations of oxygen, or when they are not exposed to stressful conditions. The potential in adhesion bacteria is negative, or is close to 0 volts. In invasion cells is the highest by the dilutions after 10 hours of infection. Results in experiments with the pig cells show, that C. jejuni has a small changes in TER after 10 hours infection. When we did not use gentamicin we can find the bacteria 24 hours after infection. We can say, that the chickens do not suffer with the bacteria C.jejuni such as pigs, but they are only carriers of this disease.
Cell lines CVCL_6C17; B1OXI