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Publication number CLPUB00103
Authors Yoshimizu M., Kamei M., Dirakbusarakom S., Kimura T.
Title Fish cell lines: susceptibility to salmonid viruses.
Citation (In) Invertebrate and fish tissue culture; Kuroda Y., Kurstak E., Maramorosch K. (eds.); pp.207-217; Japan Sci. Soc.; Tokyo (1988)
Web pages https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783642736285
Abstract Optimum growth temperature and viral sensitivity of 32 cell lines derived from salmonid and non-salmonid fresh or sea water fish were studied using the salmonid viruses: IPNV, IHNV, OMV, H. saZmonis and CSV, and non- salmonid rhabdovirus REV. Viral replication in 19 cell lines was examined by employing the IPNV, IHNV, OMV and H. salmonis and chromosome numbers were observed in 8 cell lines. Optimum growth temperature of salmonid cell lines was 20 Celsius and non-salmonid warm water fish cell lines were 25 or 30 Celsius. Most of the cell lines had sensitivity to IPNV and IHNV, but OMV and H. salmonis showed the CPE only on the salmonid cell lines. On CHH-1, SE, RTG-2 and CHSE-214 cell lines, salmonid viruses showed a high rate of replication.
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