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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00029

Publication number CLPUB00029
Authors Coon H.G., Williams I.
Title An established cell line of fibroblasts from goose cells.
Citation Carnegie Inst. Wash. Yearb. 67:421-423(1968)
Web pages https://archive.org/details/yearbookcarne67196768carn
Abstract In the course of our survey to find avian species with distinguishable nuclear and chromosomal morphology we found that cultures from embryonic domestic geese (Anser anser) were unusual in that senescence occurred much later than in other avian species. Consequently, we decided to discover when in a series of continuous passages senescence might occur for goose cells under the same clonal culture conditions which were known to permit only fifty doublings of chicken cells. Two of the three cell lines became senescent after only 65 generations, but one, CGBQ, has continued to grow well past 100 cell generations in culture. This has been considered indicative of the form of an "established cell line".
Cell lines CVCL_6383; CGBQ