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Publication number CLPUB00004
Authors Wang Q.-M., Li Y., Li X., Tong X., Li T.
Title Neferine reverses resistance to carboplatin in Tca8113/CBP cells.
Citation J. Third Mil. Med. Univ. 33:1615-1619(2011)
Web pages https://jglobal.jst.go.jp/en/detail?JGLOBAL_ID=201202248853793603
Abstract Objective: To establish a carboplatin (CBP)-resistant tongue squamous carcinoma cell line, Tca8113/CBP cells, and to observe the reversal effect of neferine in these cells. Methods: Tca8113/CBP cell line was established by gradually increasing the concentration of carboplatin and intermittent inducement to Tca8113 cells. Methyl thiazolyl tetrazolium (MTT) assay was used to evaluate the reversal effect of neferine on proliferation in Tca8113/CBP cells. mRNA expression of drug-resistance-associated genes, lung related resistant protein (LRP) and fibroblast muscle-type tropomyosin (FMT) were monitored by RT-PCR in the cells before and after resistance establishment. Morphology of the cells was observed under fluorescent microscopy, and the intracellular changes of cytoskeleton between reversed Tca8113/CBP and non-reversed Tca8113/CBP were compared. Results: After 5 month's CBP treatment, Tca8113/CBP cells which can be stably resistant to carboplatin (16 mug/ml) was successfully established. The resistance index is 4.06. Neferine reversed the resistance of Tca8113/CBP cells with a reversal fold of 2.12. Compared to the Tca8113 cells, the expression of LRP and FMT at mRNA level was increased obviously in Tca8113/CBP cells. Whereas they were decreased after neferine treatment (p<0.01), and the intracellular F-actin content was also decreased, arranged in neat rows, more evenly distributed close to the level of non-resistant Tca8113 cells. Conclusions: Neferine exhibits the reversal effect on Tca8113/CBP cells, which may be relate to decrease of LRP and FMT expression, increase of intracellular content of carboplatin, change of the microfilament, reduce of mechanical properties of adhesion, and interference of cell cycle in Tca8113/CBP cells.
Cell lines CVCL_T058; Tca8113/CBP [Chongqing]