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Cellosaurus RO-H85-1 (CVCL_A666)

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Cell line name RO-H85-1
Synonyms HRO 85-1
Accession CVCL_A666
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: RO-H85-1 (RRID:CVCL_A666)
Comments Problematic cell line: Contaminated. Shown to be a 647V derivative (PubMed=23472229). Originally thought to originate from a thyroid gland medullary carcinoma.
Registration: International Cell Line Authentication Committee, Register of Misidentified Cell Lines; ICLAC-00481.
Population: Caucasian.
Derived from site: In situ; Urinary bladder; UBERON=UBERON_0001255.
Sequence variations
  • Mutation; HGNC; 3373; EP300; Simple; p.Gln993Ter (c.2977C>T); Zygosity=Homozygous (from parent cell line).
  • Mutation; HGNC; 6974; MDM4; Simple; p.Ser161Ter (c.482C>G); Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
  • Mutation; HGNC; 11730; TERT; Simple; c.1-124C>T (c.228C>T) (C228T); Zygosity=Unspecified; Note=In promoter (from parent cell line).
  • Mutation; HGNC; 11998; TP53; Simple; p.Ile162Asn (c.485T>A); ClinVar=VCV001408611; Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
  • Mutation; HGNC; 11998; TP53; Simple; p.Glu336Ter (c.1006G>T); Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
Disease Bladder carcinoma (NCIt: C4912)
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_1049 (647V)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling 59Y
Category Cancer cell line
Web pages https://iclac.org/wp-content/uploads/Cross-Contaminations_v12_distribution.xlsx

PubMed=2538133; DOI=10.1001/archotol.1989.01860280076020
Abemayor E., Sidell N., Juillard G.J.-F.
Human medullary thyroid carcinoma. Initial characterization and in vitro differentiation of two new cell lines.
Arch. Otolaryngol. Head Neck Surg. 115:478-483(1989)

PubMed=7736432; DOI=10.1016/0165-4608(94)00185-E
Cooley L.D., Elder F.F.B., Knuth A., Gagel R.F.
Cytogenetic characterization of three human and three rat medullary thyroid carcinoma cell lines.
Cancer Genet. Cytogenet. 80:138-149(1995)

PubMed=23472229; DOI=10.1210/jc.2012-4181
Dadon T., Ball D., Nelkin B.D.
Misidentification of putative medullary thyroid cancer cell lines RO-H85-1 and RO-D81-1.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 98:954-955(2013)

Biological sample resources BioSample; SAMN03151606
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54950798
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