ID   MARC-145
AC   CVCL_4540
SY   Marc-145; MARC 145; Marc 145; MARC145; Marc145; Meat Animal Research Center-145
DR   BTO; BTO:0006549
DR   CLO; CLO_0007536
DR   CLDB; cl5226
DR   CCRID; 5301MON-KCB08001YJ
DR   CLS; 305006
DR   GEO; GSM1263300
DR   GEO; GSM1263301
DR   GEO; GSM1263302
DR   GEO; GSM1263303
DR   KCB; KCB 200801YJ
DR   Wikidata; Q54904021
RX   Patent=US5690940;
RX   PubMed=8257302;
RX   PubMed=17081295;
RX   PubMed=23148668;
RX   PubMed=28046048;
RX   PubMed=29682543;
RX   PubMed=33268540;
RX   PubMed=34205087;
RX   PubMed=34737324;
CC   Group: Non-human primate cell line.
CC   Group: Patented cell line.
CC   Problematic cell line: Misidentified. Parent cell line (MA-104) has been shown to be from African Green monkey instead of Rhesus macaque.
CC   Registration: International Cell Line Authentication Committee, Register of Misidentified Cell Lines; ICLAC-00621.
CC   Registration: International Depositary Authority, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC); CRL-12219.
CC   Registration: International Depositary Authority, American Type Culture Collection (ATCC); CRL-12230.
CC   Virology: Highly susceptible to infection by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV).
CC   Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
CC   Derived from site: In situ; Fetal kidney; UBERON=UBERON_0002113.
OX   NCBI_TaxID=60710; ! Chlorocebus pygerythrus (Vervet monkey)
HI   CVCL_3845 ! MA-104
SX   Sex unspecified
AG   Fetus
CA   Spontaneously immortalized cell line
DT   Created: 04-04-12; Last updated: 05-10-23; Version: 22
RX   Patent=US5690940;
RA   Joo H.S.;
RT   "Low pathogencity PRRS live virus vaccines and methods of preparation
RT   thereof.";
RL   Patent number US5690940, 25-Nov-1997.
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RT   (PRRS) virus in a homogeneous subpopulation of MA-104 cell line.";
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RT   spreads by cell-to-cell transfer in cultured MARC-145 cells, is
RT   dependent on an intact cytoskeleton, and is suppressed by
RT   drug-targeting of cell permissiveness to virus infection.";
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RT   CD163-expressing MARC-145 cell line.";
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