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Cellosaurus GOTO.P3 (CVCL_2911)

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Cell line name GOTO.P3
Synonyms Goto-P3; GOTO-P3; GOTO/P3
Accession CVCL_2911
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: GOTO.P3 (RRID:CVCL_2911)
Comments Group: Serum/protein free medium cell line.
Population: Japanese.
Omics: Array-based CGH.
Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
Misspelling: GOTO?P3; BioSample=SAMN03470916; PubMed=25877200.
Derived from site: In situ; Adrenal gland; UBERON=UBERON_0002369.
Sequence variations
  • Mutation; HGNC; 7989; NRAS; Simple; p.Gln61Leu (c.182A>T); ClinVar=VCV000375874; Zygosity=Unspecified (PubMed=12068308).
Disease Adrenal gland neuroblastoma (NCIt: C4827)
Neuroblastoma (ORDO: Orphanet_635)
Species of origin Homo sapiens (Human) (NCBI Taxonomy: 9606)
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_1234 (GOTO)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling 1Y1M
Category Cancer cell line
STR profile Source(s): JCRB; PubMed=25877200; RCB

CSF1PO10 (PubMed=25877200)
10,12 (JCRB; RCB)
Penta D9
Penta E5,16

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PubMed=12068308; DOI=10.1038/nature00766
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PubMed=25877200; DOI=10.1038/nature14397
Yu M., Selvaraj S.K., Liang-Chu M.M.Y., Aghajani S., Busse M., Yuan J., Lee G., Peale F.V., Klijn C., Bourgon R., Kaminker J.S., Neve R.M.
A resource for cell line authentication, annotation and quality control.
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Cell line collections (Providers) JCRB; JCRB0612.1
JCRB; NIHS0370 - Discontinued
RCB; RCB0721
Cell line databases/resources CLO; CLO_0050269
cancercelllines; CVCL_2911
Biological sample resources BioSample; SAMN03470916
BioSample; SAMN03472373
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54871617
Gene expression databases ArrayExpress; E-MTAB-783
Polymorphism and mutation databases Cosmic; 724827
Cosmic; 906876
IARC_TP53; 27694
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